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Compatible with iOS6!

Not compatible with iOS7 or higher!
If you want similar functionality on iOS8+, check out the wonderful Crimson Keyboard (released on the AppStore) which works similarly and uses the same prediction engine. It uses the new iOS8 keyboard API and is NOT developed by me.

This tweak is now open-sourced and developed by the community!

Predictive keyboard add-on showing word suggestions above individual keys.
Swiping up over a key completes the word.
For rocket-fast typing on your iOS keyboard!

What Others Think

Your OctopusKeyboard is really amazing!!! great work!!
Just installed Octopus and love it! It learns quickly.
Great job on the keyboard. Best tweak ever by far!

How to Install

Available on my repo http://k3a.me/c/.
Available in standard BigBoss repo.

Available Language Dictionaries

Languages marked with * are available on my repo only.
I will submit them in a batch to BigBoss with the next major release.

Not Supported Languages

More languages are coming soon.

You can always import words from Messages and Contacts apps and Octopus Keyboard also learns new words as you type them (in any non-handwriting language).

Known Issues

Planned Features

Other Tweaks Compatibility

This list is based on feedback from people.
Compatible: SwipeSelection - Octopus pre-release, latest iKeyWi, latest BiteSMS, kbshortcuts, delete word, Swipe Shift Caret, BlackKeyboard, color keyboard
Problems: showcase, manual correct, xCon

Pre-Release Version

The latest pre-release version can be downloaded from my repo http://k3a.me/c/ . Please note that this version is still under development and can't be considered stable.
If you decide to install & use it, feel free to report any problems but please make it clear that you are using pre-release.

Want to review? Have a site/channel?
Mail me and mention you want to review + website + proof that your are a reviewer.

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